Operators Features

Frames designed with computer aided Stress analysis to optimized rigidity.

Ball bearings on output and clutch shafts to increase successful cycles.

Baked on long lasting enamel finish. On most models, yellow Chromate-Coated shafts last longer than white Chromate-coated shafts.

Rotary type limit switch system. Oil impregnated steel cams (instead of plastic cams) and commercial-grade limit switches, prevent cam breakage. Conception prevents any lever breakage when limits have been exceeded during manual operation.

Lifetime tested and 100% controlled in production. All of our operators are designed and qualified on our lifetime test benches, to exceed the requirements of the industry. Quality Controls are performed on every operator at the end of the production line.


The OperaTM range has been specially designed to meet the needs of installers. It features numerous innovations, that make installation and maintenance easier, quicker and safer.

Easy to install and maintain
The compact, rigid and lighter design makes mounting easier. The rounded angles of the frame, a built-in carrying handle and an enlarged control box cover provide easy and safe handling during installation. The control box may be lifted and kept out of the way allowing easy access to extended mounting holes and mechanical parts.
Easy to adjust
Accu-camTM feature allows precise and quick one-handed adjustments. The clutch is easily accessible for adjustment.
Easy to wire
The cover of the Control box is hinged and stays in the open position. The terminal strip is angled for easier connection. Fuse protected 24VAC is available on terminal strip for easier connection of power supply for accessories.
Patented Hoist-a-MaticTM allows easy manual operation
Hoist-a-Matic is a self-engaging chain hoist with one step operation. No floor level disconnect is needed, which simplifies operation and installation.
Safe : UL325 approved by recognized laboratory
All operators in all horsepower categories are protected against overload. On most models a slip Clutch protects the operator and the door should a problem arise.
Multi-function 24V Safety control circuit
All Manaras operators are equipped with a 24V safety control circuit. They are pre-wired for connection of 3 button stations, safety sensing edges, photocells, radio control receivers, and other auxiliary control equipment. C2 wiring, open override, and safety reverse are standard. B2 control can be field set very easily. The low voltage transformer is CLASS II.
Electronic Control Board
The ECB may be installed on most Manaras operators. Thanks to a programmable microprocessor, this full-featured controller provides most control options required for commercial door openers, resulting in improved inventory management and quicker response to customer needs. Options included: B2, E2 wiring, timer to close, midstop, delay on reverse, maximum run timer.